7 items for oral care are measured simultaneously

7 items for oral care are measured simultaneously.

Since the test result is reflected on a radar chart and shown visually, the oral condition can be objectively analyzed with the data, which would otherwise be difficult to be aware of. 7 items deeply related to problems involving the oral cavity can be measured all at once in 5 minutes with saliva sample, using the dedicated instrument and its test kit.

Multiple panels

7 items related to tooth health, gum health, and oral cleanliness can be measured at once

Easy operation

Just drop specimen on a test strip and press START.

Compact design

Palm-sized with only 430g.

Salivary Testing Instrument SillHa

3With 3 steps, saliva test is conducted easily and quickly

Apply sample to test strip and simply press start button after setting the strip.
In 5 minutes, test result is shown.

1.Sample collection

Sample collection

Rinse your mouth with
solution for 10 seconds.

2. Measurement


Apply discharged oral rinse rinse solution to test strip and place it in the instrument for testing quickly.

3. Reporting of result


Test result is created easily and shared with patient after testing.

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